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Transcript classification

Neoblast, stringent 357 transcrip clusters obtained by overllaping 'Irradiation' and 'Neoblast' categories
Neoblast 924 transcript clusters enriched in proliferating cells excluding germline
S/G2/M, no gonads 956 transcript clusters enriched in late-S/G2/M cells in all conditions, including intact animals, cut heads and juveniles
Germline 2,739 transcripts enriched in proliferating germline cells
Int S/G2/M 7,124 transcript clusters significantly enriched in late-S/G2/M cells of intact animals
Irradiation 7,277 transcript clusters significantly depleted at all three time points after irradiation (0h vs 12h, 0h vs 24h, 0h vs 72h)

Irradiation timecourse

FACS-based analysis

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